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Congrats and good luck to all clients!  

Here are some examples of clients who have met and surpassed expectations:


Congrats to Katherine K. for losing 16lbs in 2 months!  At only 17 years of age she has shown great perseverance and dedication towards her goal.


Congrats to Felipe A. for losing 38lbs in 3 months.  Felipe is training like a champ and attempting to reach his new goal.  Felipe has shown great dedication and has stood tall with every exercise he has been given.


Good luck to Chris W. with his upcoming provincial tryouts for the sledge hockey team! Chris, you have the heart of a lion and you will make team Canada if you keep up the good work!


Congrats to Phil K who has lost over 35lbs. in 5 months and is looking fitter than ever.  Phil, at 15, has shown great passion and dedication.  You have been an inspiration!  Keep up the good work!


Congrats to Mike J. who has lost approximately 20lbs with Jason Doyle and is progressing to muscle-building and improving his endurance.  Keep up the great work!


Congrats to Mark B. in his triumph of losing 35lbs and changing his lifestyle at this time in his life.  Mark has surpassed expectations and continues to grow.

Congrats to Tina R. in her amazing transformation, losing approximately 25lbs and looking to step on stage.  Tina has shown amazing progress and continues to rise to the challenge.

Congrats to Denise R. in her great transformations in her lifestyle.  Denise has continued to impress and shows great progress.

Congrats to Dillion B. in his amazing weight loss goal of approximately 70 lbs.  Dillion looks amazing and his confidence is astounding.  He has pushed himself to his straining limits and has crushed each goal he has set.

 Congrats to all other clients who have not been mentioned!  All of you show great  dedication and heart.  I hope to share all of your success stories!


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